Faculty of Pharmacy

FACULTE DE PHARMACIE, Parisot Amphitheater, 20 Rue Lionnois 54000 NANCY
This faculty is situated in Nancy, close to town center.
It can by reach from the railway station by TRAM (BUS) N°2

From bus stop (train station) : “Gare Thiers - Poirel (Nancy)”    take : “direction :  Laneuveville Centre”
Leave at bus-stop :  “Hôpital Central-Maternité (Nancy)”    (the Faculty is situated opposite side)

The conference venue is at about 20 minutes on foot from the train station or the Place Stanislas. It is very near the Bergeret’s Villa which one of the best examples of “Art Nouveau” in Nancy and the former headquarter of the university.

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