Technical Tours

Address of the meeting point: ENSIC, 1 rue Grandville, 54000 Nancy – Room Wahl
From 8h15 to 8h30: Welcome coffee & pastries

Departure from ENSIC at 8:40 am

Return directly at the Nancy railway station at 11:30 (or sooner)

The departure of the train towards Charles de Gaulle airport is at 12:20

The departure of the train towards Paris (Gare de l’Est) is at 12:24

You have the choice between 4 locations (3 research institutes and one company)

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LRGP - CNRS/Lorraine Univ. (location : ENSIC, Nancy)

The Pyro 2016 conference is organized by LRGP, one of the main chemical engineering lab in France. Three research teams deal with pyrolysis and oxidation. The objects go from hydrocarbons to biomass, whereas the methods go from ab initio modeling to economical assessment.

Georessources-CNRS/Lorraine Univ. (location : Fac de Sciences, Nancy)

GeoRessources is a multidisciplinary laboratory devoted to the field of geological resources - their exploration and exploitation, including recovery, treatment and recycling stages as well as their impact on society and the environment. The research conducted at GeoRessources benefits from most innovative experimental and analytical equipment dedicated to liquid-gas-rock interactions. On purpose developed systems allow in-situ analysis during reaction and comparison with micro-analysis of natural samples leading to reaction models used to investigate the geological environment. Details on
​Gold-cell reactors used for the study of the reactivity of hydrocarbons in the presence of H2S and GC/MS data of reaction compounds dedicated to the understanding of sulfur geochemistry in geological systems.

LERMAB - Lorraine Univ. (location : Epinal, 60 min from Nancy by bus)

LERMAB is a laboratory that is developing a research on wood and natural fibers, ranging from the molecular level to the macroscopic level of the material. The Bio-energy team has different wood burners and one gasification pilot plant based on EQTEC Iberia technology (funded by Lorraine University, Lorraine Region, FEDER and EDF).

Sea Marconi company (location : Homécourt, 60 min from Nancy by bus)

Sea Marconi is an italian company that has developed an original concept of thermochemical process for biomass valorization into energy. The pilot plant built at Homécourt allows to produce syngas but also char. It is used in the LORVER ​project funded by Lorraine Region and FEDER.